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The benefits of becoming a member. 

     -  You will always be notified for upcoming events

     -  You will get discounts on the places we meet

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Membership in our group resides on various LS websites like SLS, SDC, Kasidie, and APG.  If you already signed up in our community or group page, you are already a member.
​​We host various parties once a month for our 700(+) members. 

Our parties are fun and exciting.  Here are some examples of what we have done and what we plan on doing in the near future:

     -  Various Clubs (on and off premise clubs w/ discounts)

     -  House Parties (from members wanting to host a party) 

     -  Hotel Parties (small gatherings in 4-5 star suites)

      - Meet and Greets

      - Co-host with other groups and clubs
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  1. No ALWAYS means "NO"
  2. Guys - dress to impress /// Gals - just be sexy
  3. Rules will be established prior to each event
  4. Contact OZWORLD for any additional questions

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  1. 28 October 2017
    Annual Halloween Party at Club Shadows. This party rocked with over 98 couples. Congrats to the winner of the contest (Adam and Eve)
  2. 29 July 2017
    Our group took a field trip to the Cottage. All had an amazing time with a wonderful buffet. The "after" dessert was to die for.
  3. 29 April 2017
    Had an Hawaiian Beach Party at Shadows with 60 couples. The beach balls were flapping all night long.
  4. 09 September 2017
    Naughty School Girl at Club Shadows. This party was extremely sexy and naughty with 75 couples from our group.
  5. 10 June 2017
    Our group hit Tabu with "Blackout naughty Fantasy Party. An amazing time in the dark.
  6. 4 March 2017
    Had our first Club Party at Club Shadows.
  7. 02 December 2017
    Our first house party !!!! Another successful party and fun for all who attended.
  1. Annual Halloween Party at Shadows
    Annual Halloween Party at Shadows
    Don't miss this incredible sexy evening.
  2. Dancing
    Huge Dance Floor with amazing sound.
  3. Laser Lighting
    Laser Lighting
  4. Socializing
    A time to meet both old and new friends.
  5. BYOB
    Most of our events are BYOB
  6. Amazing Themes
    Amazing Themes
    We try to pick great themes along with great contest
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